Preparing a great nomination

Submissions have now closed but amendments can be made until Friday 24th May 2019.

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Tell us a story

The best nominations are the ones that take you on a journey and help the judges to visualise the contribution of the colleague or team, as if they were there to witness the great work taking place.


Find a quiet moment to sit down and have a think about who you could nominate. The nomination booklet and this UPP Awards website has all the information you need to help you to get started. Please speak to your line manager or a member of our committee if you need help to find the nomination information.

Sitting down to discuss your nomination with a colleague or group of colleagues is a great way to start.  Your line manager or a member of the committee can also help you to think about what to write for your nomination.

Look at the examples and the Above and Beyond behaviours that are relevant for each category and think about how your colleague(s) demonstrate(s) these behaviours.

Think about what the colleague or team does that stands out and demonstrates excellence.

Writing your nomination

Use the online nomination form to submit your nomination. This can be found by clicking here.

Make sure you fill in all the sections at the top of the form including your name and the details of who you are nominating.

Go through each point on the nomination form. Writing an answer for each point will help you think your nomination through and provide good evidence.

Include examples of what the team or individual did or does, the Above and Beyond behaviours demonstrated and the impact of their contribution.

Supporting information

There are lots of things you can include with your nomination to help get the message across. Here are some ideas to get started:

Provide testimonials or statements from other colleagues that support your nomination. For example, if you are nominating someone for the Partnership Award, see if a university partner or colleague will write in support of your nomination.

If nominating for the Community Award you could get endorsements from local residents, the beneficiary of the project or community groups, whatever is applicable to your nomination.

Pictures and Videos

In order to respect the privacy of colleagues that you are nominating, please do not include any photos or videos of colleagues as part of your nomination.


If your nomination includes some specific results or statistics, why not include this as a graphic or any other way that the information was captured.

It’s great to hear how results were achieved. You can use feedback from focus groups, team meetings, employee and resident surveys or any other sources you have. Let us know what has improved, what the feedback is highlighting and why it is important.


Please respect the privacy of colleagues that you are nominating and ensure that all of the information you submit is factual and professional and limited to their performance at work. Please also ensure that you do not disclose any confidential personal information including any protected characteristics (race, ethnic origin, religion, health and so on) in your nomination. This is particularly important if your colleague who you are nominating is not aware that you are nominating them and therefore will not have any prior knowledge of the information which you are submitting about them.

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